NAFOL profile: Marit Bøe

Marit BøeThe study investigates educational leadership in kindergarten and in what ways pre-school teachers’ educational leadership is influenced by practical knowledge. The project addresses educational leadership by focusing on the pre-school teachers’ practical knowledge and how it is expressed and transmitted in the relationship between educational leader and assistant. As practical knowledge is oriented towards every day actions, the main purpose of this project is to examine practical knowledge and try to identify constructive tools to describe this. The idea standing at the core of this research is that exploring the concept of practical knowledge and professionalism from a ground-up perspective would signalize a shift in exploring educational leadership as practical knowledge which could lead to important reflections for a re-conceptualization of professional development as a space for change directed from within institutions. This is a co-operative study between Marit Bøe and Karin Hognestad.

Keywords: Educational leadership, professional development, practical knowledge.

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