NAFOL profile: Lisbeth Skreland

The preschool teachers’ professional work and their practice of norms and rules

Lisbeth SkrelandLisbeth Skreland has worked in kindergartens and in primary school as a drama teacher and as head teacher for many years. Her main interest is issues concerning adults working with children. These are issues that she has pursued both in her kindergarten practice, in her master’s thesis and in her work as a lecturer at the preschool teachers’ education at the University of Agder. From 2011 on she has been employed as a research fellow, and the working title of her project is «Norms and rules in kindergartens and the preschool teachers’ professional knowledge.” In this study Lisbeth Skreland explore how norms and rules are expressed in the kindergarten and how practice is related to the preschool teachers’ knowledge and self-understanding. By analyzing norms and by considering theories of how norms affect action and therefore work as constitutive to the professional work in the kindergarten, she seeks to understand more of the work and lives of adults and children within institutions, based on an everyday practice.

Her project is a micro-ethnographic study in which participant observations are carried out in 3 kindergartens. The preschool teachers are interviewed about their thoughts and reflections considering the norms and rules. The children are also included in the study through their reflections in focus group interviews. Following up with a critical and ethical discussion this may open up to a needed knowledge about the kindergarten teachers’ profession, and also provide a greater understanding of the lives of the children in these institutions.

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