NAFOL profile: Kristin Vindhol Evensen

Developmental disability in physical education- the pupils’ experiences

Kristin Vindhol EvensenThe purpose of the project is to examine the contents in physical education related to pupils with intellectual disabilities, and also how physical education is experienced by them, their teachers and parents, with main focus on the perspective of the pupils themselves. Working in special needs education in a school in Oslo, I have the recent years been working with pupils with autistic spectrum diagnoses and intellectual disabilities, and their possibilities of experiencing their body as source for physical coping and communication. Acknowledgement of challenges caused by characteristics of the diagnoses has been of importance for the arrangements of adapted physical education. I have now started the process of orientating in the field of phenomenology and theory connected to research with focus on vulnerable groups of the population.

My professional background is as a kindergarten teacher. I have studied adapted physical activity, and have finished a master’s degree in special needs education from the University of Oslo. I am happy to be one of the PhD-students in NAFOL, as this increases my possibilities to keep in touch with other PhD-students with background in pedagogy, as well as it improves my possibilities of making contacts both in Norway and abroad. My long-time aim is that my PhD will contribute to a more developed knowledge about the importance of the bodily perspective in the part of special need education which concerns people with intellectual disabilities.