NAFOL profile: Knut Vesterdal

Human rights education in upper secondary schools

Knut VesterdalMy phd-project is concerned with human rights education (HRE) in upper secondaryschools. The project will be produced as a monograph, in English. The purpose of the project is to shed light on the roles and functions of human rights education, in the context of building inclusive democratic citizenship.

I work at the Programme for Teacher Education, NTNU, where I teach and advice students in didactics of social sciences. I have a Master in Political Science, and have worked with human rights education for several years in different contexts, with teacher students, teachers and pupils. Through these activities, I have developed a specific interest concerning how HRE is implemented, and what educational and political guidelines are constituted when it comes to these issues, claiming that these dimensions are significant and have consequences related to building inclusive, democratic citizenship.

I am now in my second year as a phd-candidate, and have finished some mandatory phd-courses and teaching. In addition to this, I have developed my project design and theoretical groundwork, and am now working with my interview guide and contacting informants to carry out semi-structured interviews with teachers as a part of my qualitative approach, which also include discourse-analytic elements. I plan to start interviewing this spring.

As a phd-candidate, I think NAFOL have been important to me, not only as a way of developing my role as a researcher, but also as a social community where I have the opportunity to meet other candidates from different institutions; inspiring!

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