NAFOL profile: Kirsten Linnea Kruse

Interactive white board as a learning arena for a multimodal focus on early literacy learning

Kirsten Linnea KruseI am employed at Telemark University College, Faculty of Arts, Folk Culture and Teacher Education. I have been working with early literacy learning as a subject in teacher education (GLSM and GLU 1-7) since 2004. During the same period I have carried out smaller research projects on multimodal text production. These projects have shown me the benefits of using a multimodal perspective on working with subjects as oral skills, fiction and text production in the Mother tongue subject of Norwegian language and literature. I want to elaborate these insights in my phD project. The project is an investigation of how the teacher can develop the multimodal potential for literacy learning in primary school using interactive white boards.

I finished my masters’ degre from the University of Århus in Denmark in 2001. In my master’s thesis I did a fenomenological analysis of a novel focusing the relation between poetry, language, embodiment and perception. Insights from this work is to some extent a part of my new project which focuses on how fiction reading in a didactic context can be understood in new ways by using other modalities than verbal language in the interpretation processes.

In my PhD project I will investigate how early literacy learning can be orchestrated in a multimodal way by using interactive whiteboards. Further on, I’m interested in how and to what extent this can led students to develop multimodal text competencies and a meta language on reading and writing in primary school. The project is a theoretical-empirical study. Through a number of classroom interventions the project will take aim at advancing knowledge on learning designs connected to interactive whiteboards.

I am in the initial phase of the project working to complete the research proposal and research design. I seek admission to the doctoral program in linguistics at the University of Agder. I have completed a few doctoral courses already and I am now looking forward to taking advantage of some of NAFOL’s doctoral courses and to establishing research networks through NAFOL.

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