NAFOL profile: Kathrine Bjørgen

Motion enjoyment in kindergarten outdoor spaces

Kathrine BjørgenThe background of the study is inspired by the current debate on children’s physical inactivity and motor maturity, and concerns for children’s health. A key issue in health promotion work is what motivates children to physical activity in today’s society. It is important to start early intervention for children in kindergarten to promote the basis for intrinsic motivation and enjoyment of physical motor activities. The basis for a good physical motor platform will depend partly on the stimuli children get from home, but it is also highly significant what is done when it comes to educational practice in the kindergarten. Outdoor activities are popular in Norwegian (and Nordic) kindergartens, and children spend much of their time in outdoors environments in kindergartens. What kind of pedagogical practices are the ideal in Norwegian kindergartens’ outdoor spaces, and what kind of communicative roles do the staff have in promoting children’s mastery, physical motor play and movement enjoyment among children in the kindergartens? In this study, I want to identify the importance of communication in outdoor environments in kindergartens. The method will be qualitative, and I will make use of both observation and interviews in a selection kindergartens.

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