NAFOL profile: Kari Anne Rustand

Kari Anne RustandI was granted a scholarship at Vestfold University College in October 2013. My scholarship is connected to the new doctoral program at Vestfold University College, Teaching resources and learning processes in kindergarten, school and higher education. I want to explore which text and language skills pre-service teachers in the Norwegian teacher education develop in digital texts used for learning/educational purposes in the subject of Norwegian Language and Literature. The research material will be written texts in weblogs. The purpose of the texts is to communicate and share learning skills in a digital and multi modal environment within a collaborative learning community. The objective is to analyze the text and language competencies in these texts to enhance knowledge about the skills, and to study how weblogs can be a learning resource for the development of text and language competencies when teaching Norwegian. Pre-service teachers need to develop competencies in various writing discourses, and digital writing is often discussed in a technological perspective. The amount of available remedies in digital texts, combined with new text types and text genres, makes it interesting to look at students’ written competencies in digital texts within the field of functional language research. Linguistics, multimodality and aspects of digital literacies research are relevant discipline areas in this project. Theories on sociocultural learning, language and views on technology in a pedagogical perspective will be important anchoring for this research.

I am a trained teacher with many years of teaching experience in all stages of compulsory primary school. I also have 12 years of experience as a Norwegian Language and Literature teacher in upper secondary school. I have a bachelor’s degree in Nordic Language ​​and Literature, and a master’s degree in educational texts from Vestfold University College from 2008. I have been working with pre-service teacher education at Buskerud University College since 2010, with particular interest in multimodal texts, digital literacy, linguistics and educational use of ICT when teaching Norwegian.

Participation in the NAFOL research school is valuable to me. Networking and varied lectures by skilled professionals from home and abroad are giving new knowledge, useful reflections and important theoretical and professional perspectives. NAFOL’s practical and financial support contributes in such a way that my research can be conducted in a thorough and solid manner.

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