NAFOL profile: Kai Arne Nyborg

Kai Arne Nyborg is cand.philol in Religious Studies from University of Tromsoe. He started teaching the course Religionsdidaktikk in Practical Pedagogical Education at the University of Tromsoe in 2005.

In his work Kai is preoccupied with the recontextualisation of knowledge produced in the academic disciplines into the school subjects, and especially the structures, mechanisms and tendencies that encapsulate and influence this process and its products.

In the field of Religionsdidaktikk at PPU in Tromsø a main concern is to help students develop a state of preparedness they can make use of and expand on, conceptualizing and managing situations in practice and working as RE-teachers. One central ambition is to give the students prerequisites to plan, carry out, and evaluate their own teaching in a critical and reflective way, and consciously choose focus, content and method, being aware of limitations and challenges connected to their specific choices. From this work and the experiences connected to it as background and motivation, Nyborgs ph.d. dissertation Religion, Culture and Cultural Pluralism in the Classroom, aims to research RE in school practice focusing on knowledge base, transmission, and reception.

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