NAFOL profile: Joakim Evensen Hansen

Joakim Evensen Hansen. Foto.I am a PhD student at the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Stavanger.  My doctoral project is part of the research project, “Better Provision for Norway’s Children in Early Childhood Education and Care”, which explores the quality of early years provision in Norway and the impact on children ( I hold a Bachelor’s degree as social educator from the University College Copenhagen and an MA (ed.) in Educational Sociology from Aarhus University, Department of Education. In my doctoral project, I study high-quality day care settings, educational language practices and children’s language development. Qualitative in-depth studies in four infants/ toddlers settings will be conducted and quantitative data from BePro are used. The research on the connection between ECEC quality and language development in Norway is limited, and there is generally little research done on educational language work with infants/ toddlers in day-care settings.

Abstract (docx file)