NAFOL profile: Jannike Ohrem Bakke

Jannike Ohrem BakkeMy PhD project concerns with school and the teaching of writing. With the curriculum LK06, key competences were added to all subjects on all levels. Through the revision in 2013 aims for writing skills were enhanced. But, how can the term writing as a key competence be decoded? And, what are the typical characteristics of students’ writing activities? To the latter, the purpose of my PhD project is to investigate how writing as a key competency is included in three different subjects: Norwegian (first language), Science and Social studies,and in three classes on 7th grade level. The two main aims are: 1) to investigate how «The Wheel of Writing» is integrated as a tool in the teaching of writing, and 2) to establish what kinds of learning processes teachers make use of based on this writing idea. I have always been interested in the didactics of writing, both as a lecturer in primary and secondary schools and as author of students’ textbooks. Now I take on the role of the scientist! I have been working on my Ph.D. for a year and I am done with the obligatory courses and the field work. I have visited two schools and three 7th grade classes during parts of the previous school year. This year the analytic work commences and there will be more troubleshooting! I am torn between excitement and intimidation. Luckily, I am linked to “The Norm Project” and “Nafol” and can draw on inspiration from competent colleagues.