NAFOL profile: Irene Haslund

Irene HaslundIrene Haslund is currently working as an assistant professor at HiST (Sør-Trøndelag University College) and Queen Maud University College and teaches RLE (religion and ethics) and social studies. She will start as a research fellow at the Department of Education at NTNU 1 August 2013. Haslund has a Master’s degree in philosophy. In her Master thesis she investigated the German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s theory on how the relationship between the self and the world can be seen as a hermeneutic circle. In her doctoral thesis, she will examine if the concept of liberal education is valid today as an educational category.

The project «Is liberal education valid today as an educational category?” aims to develop new forms of cooperation and new didactic principles in the teaching of RLE (religion, philosophy and ethics) and social studies in secondary schools. The goal is to develop teaching methods that are liberal education-based/oriented.

I have chosen to follow 12 students for 1.5-2 year period, observe the oral situations in classrooms and interviewing teachers and students to get a grip on whether there has been a change with them, and if any change could be characterized as forming. The aim of this study is to identify which elements in the education that appears to have a forming effect.