NAFOL profile: Ingrid K. Jakobsen

Ingrid K. Jakobsen. photoI work at the University of Tromsø, officially named UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Department of Education. Since 2009, I have taught English literature and subject didactics for the teacher education programmes. My interest in multimodal texts, and subsequently for multimodal analysis, stems from my curiosity about young students’ relationship to images in literature and fiction in school. My doctoral project examines multimodality in English teaching in relationship to development of literacy. I believe that a multimodal investigation can shed light on pedagogical practices that are common, but not always explicit, and I thus hope to contribute to the development of subject didactics for English. I base my study on case studies with video observation and interviews with students and teacher in lower secondary schools in Norway.

NAFOL means a great deal to me as a place for network and support in the shape of all my fellow students, and in the shape of excellent international lecturers who bring in perspectives on teacher education and school that I would not otherwise have gained. NAFOL has also contributed to my studies abroad and to taking part in international conferences.

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