NAFOL profile: Hilde Dehnæs Hogsnes

The kindergartens impact on children’s transition from kindergarten to school

Hilde Dehnæs HogsnesMy interest in this topic is based on personal experiences from many years of work as a kindergarten teacher and leader. It was also the topic of my master’s degree and various articles. In 2011/2012 I conducted, under the guidance of Thomas Moser, a survey followed by three group interviews with kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers and leaders of after school in a medium-sized municipality in Norway. Throughout the study we sought to find what was emphasized in the work of creating good transitions and continuity for children when they were about to leave kindergarten and start school. The study revealed issues that I found interesting to investigate further. Questions I am particularly interested in are related to children’s own experiences in dealing with the transition.

I started my PhD project in September 2012. I am now in the process of interviewing kindergarten teachers. From April to September 2013 I will do my fieldwork with children. For the last 5 years my work has been related to the education of preschool teachers and to missions under the “Barnehagesenteret” at Vestfold University College. I see my participation in NAFOL as important because this can support my future work and help me make my research both practice-oriented and professional-oriented.