NAFOL profile: Hein Lindquist

Hein Lindquist. Foto.I did my master degree in education at University of Oslo. The thesis was a quasi-experimental study where compared children with Norwegian as a second language with children with Norwegian as their first language in settings of dramatic role-play.  In a follow up study, I did an innovation project in a kindergarten based on my findings from the master thesis.

I started my career as a kindergarten teacher, and I worked a number of years in kindergarten as a teacher and as a headmaster.  Since 1999, I have worked in higher education and I am now a member of the academic staff at Buskerud and Vestfold University College, where I am doing my PhD.

My project title is “Raising Children Multilingually”.  I am seeking new knowledge about toddlers’ use of language and their language environments at home and in the nursery school.  My research is very relevant in a Norwegian context, because an increasing number of children start in a nursery school the first autumn after the age of one year, and a significant and growing number will be raised in multilingual families. This will be a case study of five / six children with multilingual families and I will collect data through the child’s first year in the nursery school.