NAFOL profile: Gunn Irene Heggvold

«Pedagogical leaders as intermediate level leaders in kindergarten»

Gunn Irene HeggvoldGunn Irene Heggvold is currently employed at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education (DMMH) and has previously been teaching education at the Department of Education at Norwegian University for Science and Technology, NTNU. She is particularly interested in topics like management, relationship development, communication and interaction. The research project is part of a more extensive project with the title “Management for learning – Challenges in ECECs in Norway” funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC). Her PhD project focuses on pedagogical leaders as leaders at intermediate level. The purpose of the study is to gain knowledge of educational leaders’ perceptions and experiences of management processes associated with the lead role in the kindergarten, and this role considered in relation to adult learning. The study will have a qualitative approach and the data collection will be completed in three partner municipalities associated to the NRC project. Heggvold has been an employee at DMMH since 2007. She has been college teacher at the unit of pedagogy, and she supervises and organizes the teacher students´ practice periods. Her master thesis in Early childhoos Education is titled “Relational development in kindergarten”.