NAFOL profile: Gry Anette Tuset

Using rehearsals to support student teachers learning the work of ambitious and improvisational mathematics teaching

Gry Anette Tuset. Foto.The fundamental aim of teacher education is to qualify student teachers for the interactive and challenging work of teaching. In that, there are several challenges that I am grappling with. One challenge is to deal with the problem of enactment, that is to prepare student teachers to actually be able to do the work of teaching in mathematics in a classroom in schools. The other challenge is to prepare student teachers to be able to do a kind of teaching that is more intellectually and socially ambitious than the existing norm. Is it even possible? How? I am going into this PhD study believing it is.

My PhD study is therefore framed within educational design research where the focus of inquiry is student teachers learning the work of what I have called ambitious and improvisational mathematics teaching. It is ambitious because focus is on what teachers need to do to accomplish ambitious mathematics learning goals such as mathematics proficiency. It is improvisational because it requires a teachers’ clever coordination of complex interactions among herself, students and content, and the specific context. In this, the teacher needs to be able to balance in and between structure and flexibility.

I have my master degree in mathematics from university in 1994. Since then, I have worked as a teacher educator at Stord Haugesund University College. It has been an honor to work with student teachers and teacher educators in constant development.  Now I am ready to start entering the mathematics education research community.