NAFOL profile: Geir Aaserud

Practice and policy

Geir AaserudI write about kindergarten teachers’ culture formation, and is particularly concerned with challenges between practice and policy. The research project will provide knowledge and new insights that contribute to development of kindergarten and kindergarten teachers’ culture formation. In this project, I will study the relationship between different terms for kindergarten teachers’ culture formation by illuminating kindergarten complexity in everyday life between praxis and policy. The research project is about how teachers develop their identities as kindergarten teachers, what they identify as critical incidents or dilemmas from their own praxis, what they consider as criteria for good praxis, what is important to them in their profession and how they justify their praxis. It will be interesting to analyze how the care policy agenda adds to praxis and how teachers deal relationally with one another about how to consolidate and change practice. The study will identify the elements of the complexity that involves teaching praxis; provide insights into the formation ideals that are active in political texts and how personal experiences related to social, cultural and historical components. After many years of experience as a kindergarten teacher, this is a theme that I have been interested in for a long period of time. Culture formation was also the topic of my thesis in the Master. I am at the beginning of an exciting process and can see the great advantage of being NAFOL student. It is engaging and positive for the process to be in a professional environment where we can share experiences and get professional input.

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