NAFOL profile: Bodil Svendsen

Competence model for science teachers

Bodil SvendsenBodil Svendsen has been teaching for 12 years. The last 5 years at Charlottenlund high school in Trondheim, and also at NTNU Programme for teacher education. She teaches biology, science and geography at Charlottenlund, and science didactics at PLU.

In her PhD work she tries to construct and test a competence model for science teachers at high schools. Her PhD project is based on experience from both the national (SUN (T)) and international projects (SINUS), and will also build on the intervention in practice. The model is based on teachers’ own needs in their own academic environment in schools. The focus will be on development and empowerment of teachers’ own practice through the use of exploratory teaching methods in science.

Abstract (docx file)