NAFOL profile: Bendik Fredriksen

Bendik Fredriksen. Foto.In my PhD project, I study music teachers in Norwegian compulsory education. “Music teachers” is here everybody who teaches music regardless of educational background. I seek to investigate what causes retention and attrition and what role occupational identity plays. With retention I mean both the aspect of remaining in school, and remaining as music teachers.

The project is closely related to my own background. Before I started working as music teachers, I finished my Master’s degree in musicology and the obligatory one-year teacher training course. After teaching music full-time for two years, I began studying Norwegian part time, and soon after I was teaching Norwegian and social studies in addition to music. The questions I have pondered over the last years are why I made this change from music teacher to a more generalist teacher and why I wanted it myself?

Abstract (docx file)