NAFOL profile: Atle Mjåtveit

Atle MjåtveitI am educated as a teacher in physical education, and hold a master’s degree in this subject. I was first employed as a high school teacher in physical education for 10 years and since 1993 I have been employed at the University of Stavanger. In addition to the ordinary teaching duties, I have held various leadership positions and have contributed to the development of new bachelor and master plans in physical education. In my research I have focused on didactic work. Furthermore, I have recently been engaged in projects related to the guidance of new teachers, and peer tutoring of new colleagues (NyTi).
In the autumn of 2012 I was admitted to a doctoral program in the area of ​​Physical Education. This gave me the opportunity to go in-depth on a subject that I have always been interested in. Despite the fact that several studies show that physical education is one of the subjects with the highest well-being in primary school, physical education has gained a strong negative attention in the media. Fuzzy assessment, extensive use of physical tests and a striving after achievement are emphasized as critical elements for school discipline. Physical Education Teaching is by many students described as monotonous and boring (Flage Stadiums & Skisland, 2009; Lyngstad, 2010; Mjåvatn & Skisland, 2004). This is in strong contrast to the spirit of the curriculum (Curriculum for Knowledge Promotion, 2006) which emphasizes the fun of movement as one of the profession’s most important goals. In my doctoral thesis I will therefore try to contribute to the knowledge that can help promote an optimal learning climate in physical education for most pupils in the Norwegian primary school.