NAFOL profile: Åse Nedrebø Bruvik

Åse Bruvik. Foto.I am a research fellow at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Here I teach vocational pedagogy / vocational didactics. I have a background in vocational education (hairstyling), and have teaching experience from Vg.1 Design and crafts and Vg.2 Hairdressing.

My interest in the project has background in the growing trend of vocational education. The challenges pertaining to increased dropout and poor recruitment to craft occupations are of particular interest. The intention of the LK06 is that the curricula should be construed against different trades, through student participation, as well as help to ensure an education that fits students’ education and career interests. Students should also become acquainted with the educational programs’ occupations and educational opportunities.

Despite the leeway located here, dropout and recruitment show negative tendencies. I, therefore, want to look into this research area in my doctoral project, where the purpose is to examine how teachers in high school perform differentiated teaching to the individual student’s interests and needs, and develop examples of vocationally relevant training in various studies. I am particularly interested in examining how professional courses and individualized teaching may have an effect on motivation for learning and whether the findings could help to develop vocational education positively.

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