NAFOL profile: Anja Pesch

Anja Pesch.photoInvolving parents in kindergartens’ work with language stimulation of multilingual children

I am a PhD student at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. In my PhD project, I study how kindergartens may include parents of multilingual children in their work with stimulating the children’s language development and how this cooperation may add benefits to multilingual children’s language development in both / all languages. The main focus of my research is to study how stimulation of language development may be part of everyday situations, and how collaboration of parents and kindergarten staff within an everyday contact can focus on the children’s language development.  My professional background is a degree in Social Education from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg/Germany (4 years study programme) and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Tromsø. Before I started my PhD, I worked as a student officer at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education at UiT for 6 years. I am glad to have been admitted to NAFOL, because it gives me the possibility to get in contact with other PhD students as well as getting to know other researchers within my field of study.

My interest for the field of multilingualism is based on work experience in kindergarten and on my study of multilingual children’s language development carried out as part of my Master’s Degree. Furthermore, I am mother of two bilingual children. For my PhD project, I do fieldwork in two kindergartens, one in Norway and one in Germany. My PhD project is based on an ethnographic approach with observation and interviews as the main methods. It aims to provide new insights into and improvement of the quality of work with multilingual children and their parents, both in kindergarten and in kindergarten teacher education.