NAFOL profile: Ane Malene Sæverot

The Educational Potential of the Image

Ane Malene SæverotI am a PhD student at the Department of Education, University of Bergen, and have a master’s degree in design, art and crafts from the Oslo University College. Moreover, I have a degree in art history, interpretation strategies and humanistic informatics. I also have teaching experience in the arts from the upper secondary school.

As a teacher at the upper secondary school I experienced how the digital media affect young people’s lives. Young people are constantly connected to the Internet and frequently faced with multimodal texts. More than ever we communicate by way of images, both in teaching and social activity. As for today’s young people, some people claim that they have developed an aesthetic approach to the environment, that is, an aesthetic approach which is determined by the digital age. Research also suggests that today’s youths perceive, interpret and produce images in a unique and exceptional way. I therefore wish to reach young people’s stories about images in their everyday lives. Do the young people’s visual skills respond to the society’s use of images? Do teachers in their teaching take into account the image’s educational potential? Questions like these will be necessary to address if we wish to create space for images as aesthetic and educational possibilities in teaching.

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