NAFOL profile: André Rondestvedt

Measures to prevent dropout in vocational education

André RondestvedtAndré Rondestvedt is PhD Candidate at the Institute for teacher education and pedagogic, University of Tromsø, and is linked to the “Project dropout” in Troms County. The large drop of approx. 40 percent in secondary vocational training is one of the factors that create most social inequality in our society, and the personal costs are high. This project will be an study on measures that might increase the retention rate in the technological professions in Troms County, and have a focus on developing students’ skills to mastery. The issue addressed in this project is important for each student and for the region’s future needs for labor and education. The research strategy of the study is action research and will be implemented in partnership with a school in Troms County. The participants will be teachers and other staff around the students. During the project different methods will be used. These methods will not only generate data but also promote reflection and learning for all participants.

Abstract (docx file)