NAFOL profile: Agnieszka B. Jarvoll

Agnieszka Jarvoll. PhotoDigital natives and learning processes in school

Digital technologies are establishing new conditions when it comes to knowledge achievement in our learning contexts, and may be a challenge for the traditional way of thinking. It is necessary to be open for the possibilities and the limitations of digital educational methods. My overarching research question is: “How can we use digital teaching methods in a way that supports pupils’ learning processes?” In the research project, I will attempt to do this by investigating the use of digital games in school. Digital games are especially interesting because of the motivation children have for playing after school. If we assume that learning in school is connected to the experiences children have outside the school, we are likely to believe that it can be understood by the use of the Cultural-Historical Activity theory, CHAT. I believe that I can use the theory as a framework for the developmental processes of this project. Through formative interventions, I hope to gain deeper insight and understanding for the complexity connected to digital games and learning.

I am a PhD candidate from Nesna University College, where I teach pedagogy at the faculty of the teacher education.

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