Forskerprofil: Cherise Storlie-Kristoffersen

Tool box for  creating life-long writers

Cherise Storlie-KristoffersenTogether, teachers and myself as the researcher, we will work to form a common terminology useful to theteaching and learning of writing in Norwegian.  The teachers and students will take ownership of the shared terminology to develop their writing skills while being monitored through pre and post writing samples and through taking a closer look at the development of eighteen individual students.  The goal or dream is that a “tool box” will be created to use within the art and craft of creating life-long writers.

I started my doctoral work in August of 2010 where I am supported and inspired at various levels.  The dedicated and reflective teachers at the pilot project school in the Trondheim area give insight into what «really works». There is a solid network of writing researchers at the college and university level, as well as, the National Writing Center that provide access to the latest writing research within Norway and beyond it’s borders. NAFOL is, also, a valuable resource to meet and learn from colleagues and experts within the field coming from across the country. At an international level, I have participated in a seminar in Denmark regarding the teaching of writing and in an institute sponsored by the University of Minnesota providing academic international connections to support and further my research.

I will be looking forward to sharing more with you about how a shared terminology will affect writing development.  Stay tuned!

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