Cohort 8 (2017 – 2020)

Lars Bjørke – Learning in Physical Education – a mid-term action research project.

Anne-Mette Færøyvik Karlsen – Lesson Study and verbality in the classroom.

Ola Buan Øien – Music education diversity – a professional practice in motion.

Kathrine Moen – Development of the “new we” in kindergarten? A study of the interaction between values in a culturally diverse daycare practice.

Sissil Lea Heggernes – Developing Pupils’ Intercultural Communicative Competence through Literature.

Oda Heide Bolstad – Teaching for mathematical literacy.

Hanna Zdziarska Slabikowska – Student’s challenges with the variable concept in the transition between junior and high school.

Kristin Belt Skutlaberg – School leadership in demanding unforeseen events.

Lovise Søyland – N/A

Øyvind Wiik Halvorsen – New Expectations and Terms of Use in Skills? – Norwegian teachers and Norwegian subjects as a contextualized empirical case.

Elena Merzliakova – Cross-border dialogues in kindergartens context: constructions of the term of learning in northern Norway and northern Russia.

Merete Mortensen – In search of cultivation in kindergarten

Nina Kristin Fallingen – Ecoliteracy in teacher education in arts and crafts.

Anna-Maria Helena Stenseth – Location and time dimensions in education

Ingrid Bjørkøy – The meaning of the song for the youngest children in the kindergarten

Ingvill Bjørnstad Åberg – The plural diversity in school – critical investigations.

Beathe Liebech-Lien – The importance of teachers’ learning communities in the implementation of collaborative learning for students’ learning outcomes.

Marianne Hareide Andreasen – N/A

Bente Helen Skjelbred

Gro Marte Strand – Experiences and perspectives on the transitioning in to secondary school.