PhD candidate

Excerpts from NAFOL’s main objectives:

  • NAFOL will contribute to the training of PhD candidates with teacher education and school, with dissertations that are particularly relevant to professional practice.
  • NAFOL will develop a comprehensive and relevant course offering within the education section of the PhD program.
  • NAFOL will have a special responsibility for PhD candidates at the research school to be proficient in dissemination and communication.

Offers for PhD candidates who will be admitted to NAFOL in 2017

  • 4 seminars (two days) the first two years, 3 seminars third year and 2 seminars fourth year. NAFOL covers the candidate’s travel and stay.
  • National and international conferences aimed at NAFOL’s two thematic main areas. NAFOL organizes conferences every other year.
  • Towards-completion seminar towards the end of the candidate period.
  • Reinforced guidance; masterclass guidance.
  • Integrated PhD course in NAFOL’s seminars
  • Possibility to apply for financial support for participation at a conference abroad and travel support for foreign stays.

1st year: Structure – Substance – Context: Enter a research community.
2nd year: Theory – Data – Analysis: Qualify as an academic writer.
3rd year: Interpretation and discussion: Understand the importance of scientific practice of practice theorem dimensions.
4th year: Critical perspectives and contributions to new knowledge: disseminate scientific text.