NAFOL profile: Vibeke Øie

Basic skills in Norwegian subject – the further reading education.

Vibeke Øie. PhotoI am a university lecturer with Norwegian as the specialization field.  In my Master’s thesis, “Work with reading strategies in 7th grade – helpful part of the work or a waste of time?, I explore by use of action research of how students used reading strategies on their own initiative when they have learned them and become conscious users.

After I finished teacher education, I worked as teacher, principal, school academic adviser and project manager in the national school project, “Ny GIV”. I wished to attain knowledge from all levels and what effect roles have on development work in schools. 

My doctoral project, “Basic skills in Norwegian – the further reading education”, started autumn 2014. Norway has a long culture of structural beginner reading education. I seek more knowledge about how the further reading education stands and what it takes in order for the basic skills to be utilized. The study is particularly relevant because of the proportion of students who do not have the expected reading skills after 10th grade. The teacher’s role in pupils’ learning is important. The study will be carried out through ethnographic techniques in a few schools with pupils/students, teachers and leader.

The commitment for reading has emanated from student voices and through national and international reading discourses. Implementation and change as essential tools in development have emerged as a consequences of this commitment.

NAFOL, with everyone involved, providing vital, motivating, useful and safe frame of PhD work.

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