NAFOL profile: Øystein Kvinge

Øystein Røsseland Kvinge. Foto.

Teaching as improvised semiotic practice: a multiple case study of teacher students’ use of semiotic technology

I have been a PhD student at the Stord/Haugesund University College (SHUC) since January 2014. There I teach the piano as second instrument and carry out projects with bachelor and master students. In 2015 I will be busy planning the Rommetveit Summer School which will take place at the campus on Stord in June.

My scholarship is linked to the research project called “Improvisation in teacher education”, which is conducted by the SHUC with the aim to develop improvisation as a generic skill in teacher education. My project explores the widespread practice in higher education of presenting subject content using digital slideshows. In order to direct the focus on the meaning-making resources at play in such settings, I refer to the presentation technology as semiotic technology. Subject to analysis is the multimodal cohesion between the embodied meaning-making resources, such as speech, gaze and gesture, and elements of the accompanying PowerPoint slide show, such as text, images and graphics.

In June 2014 I attended the summer school in multimodal methodology at the London University and in December. I attended a master class in multimodal methods at the University of Southern Denmark. Here, I have had the pleasure of discussing my project with key developers of the theory and research practice of my field. I have also become acquainted with other scholars interested in multimodality. In January 2015 I presented my first academic paper at the conference «Multimodality: methodological explorations» at the London University. This paper will be developed into my first article.

Previously, I have been working at several cultural institutions in Bergen, such as the BIT20 Ensemble, Carte Blanche (The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance) and the Bergen international festival. In my spare time, I play the jazz piano in various settings. Occasionally, I post music samples on my blog.

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