NAFOL profile: Nina Odegard

Aesthetic exploration with recycled materials – in the light of materiality

Nina Odegard. foto.For the last ten years, I have been interested in children’s encounters with materials, especially recycled materials. During this period, I have established two recycling centres. I have also written the book, Recycling as a creative force. The book was published in February 2015.

I have a background from Reggio Emilia. I have inspired kindergartens, and taken supplementary education called Pedagogista within this educational philosophy. In Reggio Emilia, diversity and complexity of the materials are emphasised. With these materials, children are given opportunities for creative thinking, exploration and experimentation. During the period when I completed my Master’s degree, I took part in an interdisciplinary research group called “Children, space and materiality” at Vestfold University College. Through the participation in this group, I was given the opportunity of presenting at three research conferences, and I published two papers.

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