NAFOL profile: May Line Tverbakk

May Line Tverbakk. Foto.May Line Tverbakk is a PhD student in Norwegian didactics at Nord University. In her PhD thesis, she studies lower secondary school teachers’ thinking and practice in the role as contributors to reading development in the subjects of Norwegian, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. She also examines pupils’ experiences of teacher facilitation in lower secondary schools.

I have a Master’s degree in adapted education with emphasis on Norwegian from the University of Nordland. In the work, I examine minority pupils’ conditions in their Norwegian language teaching. I have worked as a teacher in primary school for most of my working life, and it was here my interests for literacy, and especially the interaction between the pupil and the teacher, started. I have been employed at the University of Nordland since 2009, and I have mainly worked with literacy teaching for teacher students. Since 2012, I have contributed in the national initiative “Ungdomstrinn i Utvikling”.