NAFOL profile: Lillian Pedersen

Children ‘s movements on the preschool playground

I have a master’s degree in early childhood pedagogy from Oslo Met, and from 2007, I have been assistant professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. My teaching topics is among other things children‘s play, developmental psychology and didactics, and my research interest includes preschool`s as language environment, play and children‘s movement opportunities.

From January 2015 I have been a PhD-candidate at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Oslo Met, and my PhD-project is a part of “The Sogn and Fjordane Preschool Physical Activity Study” (PRESPAS). The aim of my study is to gain insight in the movements that grow in the meeting‘s between five-year-old children and the preschool playground, and to discuss what movement habits and movement opportunities these meetings promotes. Phenomenology, and especially Merleau-Ponty‘s bodily phenomenology, is used as theoretical approach. The aim of the study is investigated through three perspectives: what movements is created in the meeting ‘s between the children and mobile play material, what promotes children ‘s barrier-breaking movements and what potential spaces do girl ‘s and boy ‘s create when they play together.

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