NAFOL profile: Ingvild Olaussen

My entrance into this field is as a performing storyteller and also as an educator at Queen Maud’s College University. Through encounters with the youngest children, I become fascinated by the huge register of expression they play on when they communicate with others or when they play by themselves. The subject of my project is what characterizes a narrative expression by and for the youngest in kindergarten. One of the goals of this study is to contribute to strengthen the teaching in this field.

This first half year, I have taken two compulsory PhD courses. It has been both useful and inspiring in relation to work on the project I am involved in. I have also completed a pilot observation in kindergarten where I tried out different observer positions and attempted to prepare myself on what situations I shall concentrate on during the first part of this study. This formed the basis of some of the first reflections of observation. Currently, I am working on making my research design more consistent. This forces me to look at central concepts in my work with new eyes, which at times feels quite chaotic.

To participate in NAFOL is a privilege, both because of the community and the teaching provided. Here, I am pushed to attack my project from other and different angles than I myself would have chosen. I find this instructive and inspiring!

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