NAFOL profile: Brynjar Olafsson

Brynjar Olafsson. Foto.I am a PhD candidate at University of South-Eastern Norway. I have a BEd in Teacher Education and an MA in Pedagogics from the University of Iceland. I have been teaching Arts and Crafts at the University of Iceland, School of Education, for the past years. I am interested in different aspects of the school subject, Arts and Crafts, particularly the pedagogical foundation and the role and of the subject in children’s development and wellbeing. A PhD project within Arts and Crafts in primary school with a focus on creativity is therefore an interesting and relevant challenge for me.

In my PhD project, I will take a closer look at what possibilities Arts and Crafts teachers in third a fourth grade in primary schools give children in terms of making creative decisions. The modern society sees creativity as an important feature, and primary and secondary schools have put an increased focus on creativity over the last years. There are many indications that the first years of children’s lives are important to unleash creative abilities. Earlier research points at arts and crafts as a good platform to practice these skills. The aim of this project is therefore to look at Arts and Crafts teachers’ teaching practices and identify teaching methods that support creativity.

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