NAFOL profile: Ingrid Midteide Løkken

Ingrid Midteide Løkken, Foto.Ingrid Midteide Løkken is a PhD student at Buskerud and Vestfold University College. Her project is funded by the NFR projectBetter provition for NORWAY`s children (BePro)”. The title of her study is “Quality in the relationship between adults and children in Norwegian kindergartens – the relationship between relational quality and children’s social and emotional development.”

This is a quantitative study, based on the data contained in BePro- project with 1200 children and 100 kindergartens in the sample. My background is as a preschool teacher with extensive experience from kindergarten as a pedagogical leader, kindergarten leader and in recent years as an assistant professor in kindergarten teacher education. In my professional life, I have been concerned with relationships and communication between people, and management of these processes. I started my PhD period in January 2014 and took various courses that is relevant for my thesis, and collecting data for the project. My coaches are Thomas Moser (Professor at the University College of Buskerud and Vestfold) and Elisabeth Bjørnestad (Associate professor at the University College of Oslo and Akershus). I look forward to be a participant in NAFOL, in that I have the opportunity to be in processes together with others who are working on the same processes as me, and we could support and challenge each other’s texts and projects.

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