The daily management

Scientific leader: Kari Smith
Higher Executive Officer: Monika S. Nyhagen
Higher Executive Officer: Anna Synnøve Hovstein

NAFOL’s Board

Chair of the Board: Thomas Moser
Board Member: Milena Adam
Board Member: Per-Olof Erixon
Board Member: Sigmund Ongstad
Board Member: Siw Skrøvset
Board Member: Ole Petter Vestheim
Deputy Board Member: Knut Patrick Hanevik
Deputy Board Member: Elise Seip Tønnesen

NAFOLs Council

NAFOL’s Council consists of one representative from each of the collaborating institutions. This will mainly be other members than those of NAFOLs board, and meetings in the Council will be held once a year. The Council shall act as advisory body to the Board in terms of principle and strategic issues.

NAFOL’s scientific leader, Professor Kari Smith, NTNU, is secretary of the Council.